Strategies to Enhance your Problem Solving Skills

Posted: May 20, 2015 in May 2015

We tend to run into 2 types of problems when problem solving:


1.  We view the problem in general, vague, and catastrophic ways.  To counter this, try to conceptualize the problems in specific terms.  Then break the problem into more manageable segments.


2.  We fail to generate any possible solutions.  To address this, brainstorm.  Generate as many possible solutions to the problem.  Don't worry if they seem unreasonable at first; many creative ideas are realized in the context of brainstorming.  After you have developed a list, evaluate the options to determine which are the most practical; keep in mind that your end goal is selecting and acting on the best possible solution.  


At first, this may seem a bit cumbersome. However, with all new skills, the more you practice, the more efficient this process becomes.